Application for New Hunter-Heroes


We use the following information in order to create new member bio's,  and to make sure that we meet all deadlines ensuring that we have a great and well planned program. Please remember this is only a guideline



When creating your bio, please answer the following questions. (Example) Where did you serve? In the bio write it in a sentence such as, (During my career I have been deployed to Afghanistan twice and Iraq once. My last deployment was at camp xxxxxx Iraq.) Please do not answer yes or no to these questions. These questions are simply a guideline to help you with what to write. The purpose of this bio is to let the people of Midland know about you. This information will be published here on the web site, as well as in the Event Program given out to all those who attend the banquet. 

1. Name, Rank and Branch of service
2. Tell us about your family
3. How long have you been/were you in the military?
4. Where have you been/were you deployed?
5. Tell us a little about the injury you sustained and how it happened.  If you feel comfortable, has your injury changed your life in a positive manner?  If so, what have you done to show that change.
6. Mention anything else at this point. Special awards given, what it was like to be home, what you are doing now. (Please do not list all of the common awards, such as Army Service Ribbon, which is given upon completion of Advanced Training. These awards are ARCOM, PURPLE HEART, BRONSE STAR etc.)

  You do not need to follow this order, just make sure to include the answer to each of these questions within your bio. For many of us, we are not used to talking about yourself and what you have done, but remember, you are the focus of this event and people want to hear about you.


We need your pictures. We would like to see a minimum of 5 of you in your service uniform and some of you with your family. We will NOT publish pictures of your kids by themselves on the web site for security purposes; however, family portraits are welcome. When you submit your picture and bio, you are giving us permission to publish this in any advertisements for Show of Support that we may do, I.E. web site and event program. KEEP IN MIND, WE CAN NOT AND WILL NOT PUBLISH PICTURES OF YOU RIGHT AFTER YOUR INJURY, SO PLEASE DO NOT SEND PICTURES WITH GORE INCLUDED.


Last thing to remember is OPSEC. Please do not give any information out that might be compromise those still in combat. Such items include details concerning the camp you were stationed at, routes taken, procedures, unit size etc. This is being shown to the world, so we need to make sure to maintain military uniformity within OPSEC guidelines to ensure the safety of those still overseas. Trust us, they will appreciate it!

Last, we encourage each of you to join the web site by creating an account, and start talking with others whom also have been selected to participate in this years’ program. This is a new web site that does not have much forum traffic now, but will soon. There are Alumni that help run the site and can answer any questions on what to expect, bring etc. There are many surprises that you will have and we will not give that info away, but we will help you in any way possible. Terry Johnson and Yottie Salazar are busy getting the program together so any basic questions can be taken care of on the web site.

We are looking forward to meeting each and every one of you.


Contacting Us

Show of Support Military Hunt, Inc.
P.O.Box 11225
Midland, TX. 79702
Office: 432-687-2167
Fax: 432-682-5363